Friday, March 18, 2011

Over the Hill

This has nothing to do with being old and everything to do with the hope that the worst of the mind-numbing, gut-wrenching, soul-destroying horror that is morning sickness is now over and gone. (I have a feeling that over the next 7 months my talents for both hyperbole and brutal honesty will get constant exercise.) This past week I've been feeling much closer to normal than I have in a long time. I've eaten more than frozen pepperoni pizza, cinnamon raisin bagels, and yoghurts. Sweet things are no longer vile to think about, though cheesy crackers are still something I'd emphatically give a miss on. I can even put real clothes on and drive to the store!

However, this does not mean that from here on out, baby-growing is all roses and sunshine. My eyes like to do funny things if I move my head too quickly - like when you stand up too fast in a really hot bath or rub your eyes really hard. I'm desperately thirsty most of the time, but I have a very tiny tummy since my uterus is apparently playing (and winning) a very aggressive game of King of the Mountain in my abdomen right now. This means that I feel ridiculously full after very little real food. The dizziness and headaches come and go as they please, and I am a veritable fountain of tears on most days. I think the one show I can watch without crying is Midsomer Murders. Seriously. I cried during Glee, during Private Practise, during Grey's Anatomy, watching No Reservations...I'm surprised I didn't cry when Aragorn fell off the cliff in The Two Towers last night! I apparently cried in my sleep the other morning when Sebastian tried to sneak out of bed to go to work. Crazy crazy hormones.

On the bright side, my first appointment with our midwife is next week on Wednesday, so I'm really excited to feel a bit more like I'm not just making up this desperate need to sleep and my overly-finicky stomach. Oh, and the absolutely bizarre and highly vivid dreams. Some of which are quite hilarious!

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