Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Short Note

Dear UK Border Agency and Immigration Office,

do you enjoy making people's lives just a little bit worse? I politely request that you stop "updating" your Leave to Remain forms when no changes have been made to either the questions or the fees. Also, do you really need £475-730 just to pay for the clerical fees and salary of the handful of people who actually look at each individual application? I don't think so. Please kindly stop sucking.

Yours Truly,
the annoyed wife of a British national

PS - do you tell us not to call while you're processing our applications because you're actually too disorganised to keep us updated, or is it because you're tired of people's justified rants on your inefficiency? Just wondering. :-)

1 comment:

  1. They're infuriating on purpose, I think - the more obtuse and irritating they can be, the fewer people will bother becoming a British National. (My mum had an identical problem with US Immigration!)

    It's one thing to try to be annoying, though, and another to be so very good at it. Hope it gets sorted soon!