Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I am highly amused at the moment by the fact that this wedding is becoming increasingly inconvenient to the different demands already on our time. Really, it's just annoying enough to be funny, and I'm sure will send me into high-pitched hysterical giggles at any moment if only because it's a situation where if one doesn't laugh then one might go rigid and have a stroke.

Problem #1: The pre-wedding photo shoot.
A) This is part of the package we paid for and thus constitutes money wasted if we don't do it.
B) We would like to use it to take engagement photos for the invitations.
C) Invitations must be in the mail by April, if not sooner for those sent to the States.
D) Until April itself, I have only 1 week free of classes, and thus more flexible to go do photos.
E) Sebastian just got put in charge of an off-site project for work for the day that worked best for my schedule and the photographer's to do the pictures.

Obviously, I'm really proud of him: he's gotten tonnes of responsibility with this new job and he's lived up to it all marvellously. Not to mention, he's only been with the company since September and is already getting to be such a hands-on part of all the work they do. It's fantastic! It's just also darn inconvenient at the moment. Ah well.

Problem #2: The soul-crushing bureaucracy that is the Home Office
A) We had to apply for a Certificate of Approval in order to get married.
B) This required sending our passports along with the relevant paperwork
C) As with all government departments, there's a heinously long turn-around time.
D) Sebastian now needs his passport back ASAP since he's been asked to travel out of the country for work.

Again, I'm impossibly happy for him: this is a fantastic opportunity especially considering how new he is. Yet, with this great development, it means the wedding has become, yet again, an interfering demon, sewing its seeds of discord like a malicious itinerant gardener.

Of course, my Master's isn't without its fair share of insistence on my time. Even with reading week, I still need to develop topics for (and begin actually working on) 3 term papers, a presentation, and a dissertation (ahh!) within the next 2 weeks or so. So even with only 3 classes a week that leaves little time for invitation assembling, finding a printer for the invitations, researching and tasting cakes, or trying to buy decorations. Perhaps from all the pressure my face will just melt off like Beloch in Raiders of the Lost Ark. It'd be a sight to see, that's for sure!

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