Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yoghurt on the Rocks

This was quite the nice afternoon. V and I have a very good friend - Chip - with whom we definitely haven't spent enough time since getting back into Provo. So at the Munch-n-Mingle after church last Sunday, the four of us (including Chip's brother Jon) decided to fix that by going hiking in Rock Canyon and then grabbing some snazzy frozen yoghurt. Yum!

I decided to forgo my usual pathetic three-mile jog/run since we'd be getting in some decent work on the hike. Of course, I could have been super virtuous and done both, but then I was a bit demoralised by my last attempt at a run. Since free gym time ended, it had been 4 days since my last go around with the stair master to keep me in shape. Factor in the heat and a slightly more grueling pace than usual and I was walking right around mile two. Complete with proverbial tail between legs: this was worse than normal for someone used to climbing 3-4 miles of stairs a day.

The hike, though, was fantastic. V, Chip, and I (Jon was at work) did something between 4 and 5 miles all round, including several meanders to a small cave (complete with deflated air mattress...) and over the "river" (read: big creek) on a very dubious-looking felled-log bridge. The whole thing was a fantastic time, and quite the nice exercise. The very scenic nature of the trail certainly helped matters as well. I've decided it must be revisited with different company next week. :-)

The frozen yoghurt place that we visited with Jon after the hike was, likewise, fantastic. I was already sold when the giggle-worthy name of the establishment turned out to be Spoon Me. The mod 60s decor and tasty toppings for the yoghurt had me hooked at first glance and bite, and the napkins and t-shirts just made a fun adendum to the whole thing.

Their napkins read: "Hey Baby. My name is ______ and I really like your ______. Would you like to Spoon Me?" There is then a spot for the object of your cheeky napkin-sent message to check one of two bubbles: "sure, I'd love to" or "um, no thanks." Brilliant.

Thankfully, the generally rainy weather of late held off for our whole stint outside, though it has since grown ominous and windy yet again. At least, though, the rain has kept temperatures around here unseasonably cool, which made the hike vastly more tolerable than if the sun had been beating down on us mercilessly like an Egyptian task master from The Ten Commandments the whole time. It's certainly an experience to be repeated.

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