Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Something's Missing (John Mayer)

What was missing was everyone from a meeting scheduled for the IF fashion show last night. Unless they changed up the meeting place from what I decided with the other girls...go figure. I was even there early thanks to a freak fire alarm in the dorm.
Go figure...
Today is Tuesday [best day of the week besides Friday]. A little scholarship thank-you-letter writing before Middle East history and then home free for the day. Of course "home free" is misleading as it means free to (1) revise and get books from the library, (2) go to the gym, (3) do much needed grocery shopping, and (4) draft internship proposals between harassing Kline to give me his password so I can lure my RTA back here to help me set up his website. It doesn't feel busy, though, which is the important thing.

Got our Greek Myth tests back yesterday: first one of the term. Nicely enough, I discovered that my test score (94%) was no detriment to the slightly cocky frame-of-mind I went into the test with. Makes me happy. Now I just need to ride that wave of good energy to start working on my Aphrodite paper for Myth and my Napoleonic colonialism paper for History. Or, I could apply the science I used in Chem and just make a battery to power myself...
Of course, I'd feel a bit like a low-tech (and far less sluttish) Tony Stark...
The real push, though, is for the end of the week when I do the Giles-Harris solo competition. Playing the Aria by Eugene Bozza...normally played by saxophonists. Yuck. I tried to link to the song, but all the YouTube videos of performances are quite crap. (Naturally, I've decided that I'll do better than all those rhythmless clarinet players and saxophonists. And all with no music and while wearing a navy blue evening gown. Rock and roll.)

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