Monday, February 23, 2009

Let It Snow (Michael Buble)

It didn't snow this week - thank goodness - though the cold might have been more bearable if it had. Apparently Sebastian and I have taken it in turns to have nice weather: I got the warmth last week, and he was cold back in London. We've now switched it up. Actually, speaking of snow, though, we spawned a long conversation today about Calvin and Hobbes. It was all because he seemed to evoke Calvin in a picture where he was sledding back home. I'll have to post the "best of" list right here:

#4...only a snow fireman might be more tragic., don't walk, from...the Snow Blob.
#2...It's the latest "Jaws" sequel..."Jaws: Anchorage"
#1...Bernini's Habbakkuk and the Snow Angel

It was an incredibly amusing conversation.

In other news, I did the Giles-Harris Solo Competition this weekend. Didn't place at all, but I didn't expect to, so it was fine. Really, I'm just glad that I played my aria so well. And that I got to dress up in a pretty sweet evening gown.

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