Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good Morning Good Morning (The Beatles)

Early morning meeting today for the International Flair fashion show. When one is used to getting to bed at 2 in the morning, an 8am meeting is quite the challenge. Not to mention that living on a college campus tends to suck the life out of any ability to arise cheerfully before 10 in the morning. Meeting went well, though. We now have committees to get decorations together, design and hang up posters, design a t-shirt, and set up the space the night before. With only 5 weeks to go until the event, it's got this down-to-the-wire feeling. I am now the management guru.

Today was also a day off from the gym. Half to ease the fatigued limbs, and half to start research for a history paper. Of course, the calorimetry chem lab was a nice reminder to be good in spite of the lack of exercise time. Using water temperature to calculate the calories in half a cashew drives the point home like nothing else seems to. Scary.

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