Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, Old Bump

So the new year has come and still I find myself with a bulging middle, wildly displaced hips, and no outside baby to cuddle. Needless to say, I've been doing a stellar impersonation of Grumpy Cat lately. But currently, my youngest brother-in-law is playing trains with my son on the hallway floor, which means that not only is my son being enthusiastically entertained, but it's happening while I get to have some calm time to myself to relax with some cocoa and Pinterest before our next preemptive run to the potty.

Fruit Ninja: entertaining adults and toddlers alike.
The holidays were lovely. It was great to have the time to relax and sit on the couch and not worry about anything but when this baby was finally going to decide to show his face. Incidentally, that did mean that some moments were more stressful than relaxing, but overall we did enjoy quite the break from everyday life over Christmas.

So what have I been up to in the lull between the end of the holidays and this Thursday, when the midwives will finally insist on getting this baby out of my uterus?

1) Watching the new season of Sherlock. I'm a little bit in love with Benedict Cumberbatch.
2) Watching BBC's Luther. The Husband and I just got around to watching this months after my long-suffering sister recommended it to us. Seriously people: taut scripting, good acting, excellent pacing, brilliantly witty dialogue, and a skeptical nerdgasm nearly every episode. I love seeing a dramatic show with level-headed characters who don't morph into credulous hysterics at the first sign of a crisis. We're only one season in, but we're thoroughly addicted.
3) Reveling in E's newly acquired skill. What does a snake say? Hisssss. What does a horse say? Yee-haw! What does Gollum say? (In the creepiest voice possible) PRECIOUS! Yup: he's been trained by nerds.
4) Spending as much time with the Husband as I can before we both get swamped in the sleep-deprived world of two small boys who will run our lives (and in all cheesy sincerity, our hearts) for as long as they can. I almost wish I could say I was approaching being a mother of two with some sort of sensible trepidation, but at this point, I just want this little boy to make his appearance so that I can be done with pregnancy and get on with adjusting to new motherhood again.

So, here's to holding out until Thursday, when my new year will feel as if it has well and truly started.
I'm so done looking like this.
(And not being able to roll over in bed.)

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  1. Oh, you poor thing!! I was hoping that you had sweet baby pictures to share with us by now. Hang in there - at least you have an end date now!!