Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Life On Our Own

We are Husband-less this week.  My charming partner in crime is flying out to the States - again - on business - again - and won't rejoin us until the morning of E's birthday. So I have been making plans and lists and frozen pizza in an attempt to puzzle out just how I, err... we will cope.

Learning to fly.
Last night involved lots of staying up late for all three of us (though E most definitely was not up until 1am, like Yours Truly, or until 3am, like Husband), and many a foot ride before bedtime stories. E would not be satiated in his desire to keep being boosted into the air. 'Fwy! Fwy! Fwyyyyyyyy!' (Or, 'fly, fly!' for those of you who have mastered pronunciation of the letter L.) He yelled this gleefully for half an hour, begging to be put back on Daddy's feet so he could wobble, flap his arms like wings, and talk about aeroplanes and penguins...the Oliver Jeffers kind who fly when propelled from circus cannon.

Just relaxing, playing with some trains.
Today involved strategic viewing of Thomas the Tank Engine, a bit of shopping, and play group. Really, play group meant 'getting a snack and keeping the other kids away from his train track', but it was a good time. On weeks like this, I'm all about what gets us out of the house. I get to see other mums, E can interact with other kids, and we even got to play with a busted pumpkin today. Yes, it was on purpose for one of those toddler sensory experiences that no official play group is complete without.

Makes you think about the Batmobile in a whole new light...
The evening was taken up with a bath, a repeat viewing of Cars 2 over pizza and hash browns, play time, stories, and bed. I keep it classy here, people. Though honestly: I'm 7 months pregnant and watching a 2-year-old by myself for a week...I'm not doing anything I don't have to do. Cooking, much as I love it, is at the top of that list. Especially since I'll be prepping for E's birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Oh yeah. Look forward to seeing how that unfolds. (Seriously, scope my Twitter...I'm sure I'll be sending updates from the cake-baking trenches.)

Once E was in bed, though, I did enjoy some quiet time to myself. A few podcasts while tidying the kitchen, some blog reading in the living room. I contemplated a game of Portal, but the updates took too long to load. What caught my weary eye?

via, Dig Haushizzle
This gorgeous antique dough bowl from Dig Haushizzle looks pretty snazzy. I have nowhere to put it, but I'd cuddle it like a newborn if I could.

via, Spoonflower
Also, I've had my free sample of this fabric from Candyjoyce on Spoonflower for ages. I want to hang it in my bathroom, but first I'd like a fun 5x7 or 8x10 print to go with it. Any thoughts?

For the rest of the week? Getting together with friends, some local sightseeing, scoping out a new baby shop, and birthday party prep! Stay tuned here, on Instagram, and on Twitter...you know, in case you're interested in that sort of thing.


  1. Hang in there this week!!! It is never easy to be home alone with a small child but being pregnant just makes it even more fun (doesn't that sound better?!).
    I hope the week goes quickly! Frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, mac & cheese - all of those made frequent appearances when I was home alone with my little ones!!!

  2. Oh boy, hand in the lovely and pizza donners sound like a great plan to me! Btw: I adore those halloween dishes. How cute!!! Have a relaxing afternoon and talk to you soon:) xoxo

  3. Thanks, Diana! It's surprising how short that week feels now from the other side of it all.