Friday, October 18, 2013

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

One moment. High five. Daddy comes home at six. There are quite a few numbers at work in our lives, and lately E has taken an interest in them. I didn't really notice it until one day at our GP's office when he started shouting, 'Five!' and pointing at a plaque with the number 5 on it; indicating someone's place in the queue to be seen.

 After talking it over with the Husband, we've both been trying to keep an eye out for good, simple, colourful books with big numerals to help E learn his numbers. Sure, he's only 2, but that's old enough to rote memorize numbers 1 through 10. In any event, we haven't yet found a book that fits the bill, and so I decided to take matters into my own hands this morning when E seemed in the mood for cooperating with my initiative.

A simple PowerPoint presentation was the order of the day. I decided on a few different ways to show the numbers...E seemed to like the clock best. Plus, with 4 different runs of 1 through 10, we can get a decent amount of practise in each play-through of the slide show.

Want to see how it goes? Good, because I haven't gotten round to posting some unbearably cute video of my son in a while!

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  1. He is so stinking cute!!!!
    When Jordan was about that age (2ish) he learned to count as result of me counting out his "warning". I would count to 5 and he was supposed to stop whatever before I reached 5. One night we were out to dinner with friends and I started - "1, 2" Jordan said "free (3), four" Needless to say I busted up laughing and he did the counting from then on!!!