Thursday, August 29, 2013

Love the Place You Live

The other title for this post could be 'Trains, Trains, Trains!' Thanks to some good word of mouth, we heard that the miniature train over at Frimley Lodge Park was running and giving rides on the Bank Holiday Monday. Being so close - and, as it turns out, only £1 a ride - how could we pass up a chance to make our train-obsessed little boy so happy?

Daddy and his little man about to take their first ride together.
 Even as I was editing these pictures for the post, Ethan is sat here next to me yelling, 'train!' and pointing at the screen. No doubt we'll be heading back when they do their Halloween rides in October.
As E was told, 'it's a steam engine...just like Thomas and Percy and Gordon!'
In fact, it was just a miniaturized real steam engine.
 The whole affair was really adorable; and you can tell these guys were all doing it because they loved it...not for the sake of simply turning a profit.

We gave E two rides while we were there: one with Daddy and one with Mama. That way, he got to make the most out of the number of rides we got, and someone was always on hand to take pictures.
Our driver looks much grumpier than he was...
There were even trains set off to the side being repaired in full view of the kids. E was ready to hop the fence just to get close enough to stroke the trains and climb all over them. We had to curb that particular desire. As it was, we barely coaxed him away from the whole set up with promises of his own toy trains back in the car, and the chance to watch Thomas the Tank Engine at home.

The track was just a kilometer long, but for someone E's age that's just enough, really. And to have fields and a playground nearby makes it brilliant for a day out. Bring along a picnic and it'd be perfect for a few hours of fun. Needless to say, we'll definitely be back again soon!

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