Thursday, August 22, 2013

In Need of Pampering

I was reading this post on Young House Love the other day and it got me to thinking: what sorts of purchases do I consider an indulgence? I mean, aside from trips to get hot chocolate and a muffin at Starbucks. And as the list of Nice Things I Want But Don't Need started to compile itself in my mind, I thought, once again, of what this Christmas will be like.

We'll have a 2-year-old who - hopefully - gets really into the whole idea of unwrapping presents and seeing the tree lit up. I'll be doing my usual song & dance about decorating as much of the house as I can manage. Oh yeah, and I'll be massively, hugely nine months pregnant.

With that said, my main priority isn't so much a low-key Christmas, but one in which I get a little pampering before the achy, wobbly, baby-head-smelling, sleepless nights set in.

via, Just Nails
There's a place called Just Nails back in our old neighbourhood. I'd love to go, relax, and get a nice mani-pedi for an afternoon. That alone would make my day.

via, GraceandLaceCo
Of all the boot socks I pinned the other night, I think these ones from Grace & Lace Co. on Etsy are my favourite as there's no question that they're actual full socks. Plus, who can't like that lovely goldenrod colour?

via, Russell & Bromley
Russell & Bromley do lovely shoes: I have loafers and driving moccasins from them to attest to this. Alas, at the moment, between the heat and being pregnant, I can't really wear them much before my toes get squashed. That said, once things start returning to normal in the water retention department, it'd be nice to have some low-heeled leopard print for when my £7 Sainsbury's pumps meet their inevitable demise.

via, Ruby&Joy
This lavender eye pillow by Ruby&Joy is cute, and it's not even expensive! Plus, I'm in the grip of a bit of an obsession with lavender: I want to grow it, and have it in little sachets to make the drawers smell nice, and use it with rosemary to make a fun spray for the sheets or to make the house smell nice. Seriously; I need to get something lavender-smelling just to take the edge off reminiscing about our trips to lavender fields nearby.

via, Crabtree & Evelyn
The Gardeners Hand Lotion from Crabtree & Evelyn. I can't overstate how much I love this stuff. When I was buying presents for our mothers at our wedding, I snagged a bottle of this for myself on the pretense of 'taking advantage of the sale'. Since that was over 3 years ago and the hand soap I had has long since run out, I'm overdue to replace it. Or at least, that's what I'll tell myself.

via, Nigella
As I mentioned the other day on Facebook, I love my Nigella Express cookbook. When I was leafing through it yesterday evening, I was appalled that I'm not cooking more of the recipes in there. People; this is good food! And, because it's the express book, it's all pretty easy. That said, I will look forward to just relaxing if I can ask the Husband to do us up a dinner of Nigella's. Perhaps the chicken schnitzel with bacon and some macaroni cheese on the side?

So that's my list, really. Things I'd like, but don't need, that would make me all warm and fuzzy inside. And outside too, if we're talking about those awesome boot socks. For now, though, it may be time to enjoy the rain and get my hot chocolate fix for the morning.

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