Friday, August 16, 2013

A Place to Begin

Looking for a few links to make your way into the weekend? As Ethan's currently parked in front of a Bob the Builder marathon while playing with his cars, I thought I'd cobble together a few things that I enjoyed looking at this week.

via, Hansel from Basel
Hansel from Basel have brilliantly cute socks. And some pretty cute tights as well. I've been looking for a pair of orange winter tights for ages, and as this pair are on sale, I might just be putting in an order this weekend...

I don't usually recommend movies (no real reason for that), but this trailer for Her really caught my eye. It sounds just bizarre enough to work, and I have to say; Joaquin Phoenix is really rocking that mustache.

via, A Beautiful Mess

As it's finally getting chillier here, I've been thinking about fun soup recipes to try. This black bean tortilla soup from A Beautiful Mess sounds mouthwatering. Guess what I'll be making the boys eat before the year is out!

via, Toyella
These floating duck bath toys look awesome. And unlike the cheapy version we snagged E ages ago from the grocery store, it looks like these actually float upright and don't just keel over onto their sides. It's worth having a peek over at the rest of the kiddy swag on Toyella: it's all so cute!

via, The Brooding Hen
Speaking of children's toys, I desperately want to try this project from The Brooding Hen. A PVC piping waterworks for the bath? That's just up our alley.

I loved reading this article from the New York Times on stay-at-home-mums trying to break back into the work force. That said, as I'll be in a similar position of trying to get back into work in another few years once my kids are bigger (and actually born!), it was a bit depressing to read just how difficult and dismal everyone's prospects sounded after taking the time out to spend with their children.

via, Canister
This Steep Canister is gorgeous, and it fits with Mason jar lids to make it water know: if you're enough of a hipster to just have Mason jar lids lying around the house to spare. Even without them, I'm a big enough pottery enthusiast to want this mug all for my very own.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. So many amazing goodies. I love the socks and their tights are sassy as well:) I also can't wait to read that article you linked to and Her is on my must watch list as well. Have a great day, sweetie.