Friday, July 26, 2013

Lavender and Waverley

Kerri and I took the kids on a short trip the other day to some lavender fields near Alton and then for a pit stop at Waverley Abbey on the way home. The main purpose of the lavender was to get some pictures to share with my mom for her birthday, which I think we managed quite nicely. It also gave the kids a chance to run around, and gave us moms a chance to be outside with our kids somewhere that wasn't just a playground. It's the same sort of rationale that took E and I to West Green House Gardens the other week: sometimes it's just nice to be somewhere pretty.

Besides, with the unusually long bout of nice summer weather soon to be coming to a close here in England, it's worth taking as much advantage of it as is possible. Carpe diem and all that.

Climbing on ruins is a good pastime.

Best Friends.

That curly blond halo just melts my heart.

Every mum says this, but he's the cutest kid EVAR.

Mummy and the kids (one inside, one outside).

On the way to the lavender fields

Snowy enjoying the giant tree at Waverley.

I don't always pose on tables, but when I do, I refuse to sit down.

This was after many excited cries of, 'Taktah! Taktah!'

Technology fiend.
There's also a fair few shots of the day over on know, in case you haven't already had baby-picture-overload.

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