Thursday, March 7, 2013


Today is a rainy day. Rainy days are best spent inside, on the couch, watching movies, snuggled under blankets. Last night was a rubbish night. The Husband and I already knew that E had broken through the first half of his two top molars and that his bottom lateral incisors were cutting the gums. What we didn't discover until last night was that his bottom molars are also coming in, making that six teeth that are forcing their jagged way through his little baby gums. Well; that explains a lot.

E spent most of the night in our bed. He chewed bread crusts, had ice cold water, and somehow climbed so far over the bed trying to get comfortable, that he nearly fell asleep curled up between our feet like a dog or a cat. (For the record, I did realise this, though half asleep, and moved him back up onto a pillow.)

What vacuuming it's worthwhile to do before lunch has been done, no laundry urgently needs washing, and with a toddler just gone down for his nap, I'm not heading out to run any errands. His sleep is precious to me.

So what will I do with myself? Resist the temptation to fritter away countless hours on Pinterest for a start. I will sit down with my lunch and do as I did last night: curl up and read At Home by Bill Bryson, which I've had out from the library for ages and have been meaning to finish and talk about on the blog. We try to read more books in this house because we enjoy it, but so much other stuff is there to take up the time. Most of our literary exposure lately has involved books like Penguin's Hidden Talent or One Ted Falls Out of Bed or one of the Charlie & Lola books by Lauren Child.

My reading, like my exercise, is something I do for me. When I can snatch away a few minutes, or purposely build them into the day, it's time I get to have for myself and by myself. I love my boys, and I enjoy reading to E, or reading with the Husband, or going running together as a family...but I also really love those two activities on my own. It's good and relaxing, and lets me focus better through the rest of the day to have that time to myself.

So without further ado, the history of the cellar awaits me...and possibly the hallways, too, if there's time. Please, let there be time.

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  1. I LOVED that book. Seriously, loved it. Let me know what you think!