Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stylish Little Men: Vert Baudet

First of all: Vert Baudet's website gives you amazing close-ups of all of their clothes. So you can really get a good idea of the construction and fabric of each garment even if you can't see it in person. I appreciate huge high-res photos when I shop online...it's just nice.

Vert Baudet does a very good job of having lots of solid, basic items to build up baby's wardrobe. Until I put E into something of theirs, I don't know how it holds up, but from the looks of things, they have decent-quality pieces that won't break the bank.

Funnily enough, not having a TV in our house, this is a brand I would have missed out on if not for my friend Kerri. We had some Nick Jr. on in the background for the kids while I watched them to give her a chance to go swimming, and a short commercial break during Barbie's scary computer-animated Swan Lake said that it was sponsored by Vert Baudet. So there you go: the benefits of actually watching some telly!

1) I like having good basic pieces that come in sets, and this set of turtleneck tops is darling. Also? It comes in a onesie version if you'd rather.

2) Again with the 3-pack of polo shirt onesies. And those plaid shorts look darling with any of the colours in this particular 3-pack.

3) I mostly like this outfit for the jacket. Having the option to put your little boy in a cute jacket for things like church, christenings, weddings, and the like always feels like a good idea. At least to me.

4) The diagonal faux-wrap fold-over on this hoodie is great. You can tell this was designed by someone who realises how difficult it is to get close necklines over big wobbly baby heads. Especially before your little guy can hold up his own noggin, this would definitely come in handy. And these pool-bottom blue cargos are great. I love that they roll up into shorts, making them a great transition piece that you could wear from early spring clear through into next autumn.

5) I always enjoy it when people mix up the sort of collar they put on a man's/boy's/anyone's collared shirt. Unless it's a Peter Pan collar...I hate those. But this Mao collar with the rolled sleeves and the sewn bib detailing is great. And again, when you're in want of a slightly smarter outfit, it goes brilliantly with these plaid-lined khaki trousers. It's the little things that do it for me.

So there you have it: another fun find for boys' clothing. What's been your favourite store/brand so far? Any suggestions on where to look next?

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