Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Screen Style: Sarah & Duck

I know that I just can't stop gushing. This really is such a cute show. The animation, the patterns, the colours, the kitschy music, the talking shallots and rainbows and handbags. I've just said to the Husband that I want this show on DVD so that all of our kids can enjoy the glorious adorableness that is Sarah & Duck. (Not to mention that when we have little girls, Sarah is the perfect companion costume opportunity to Oliver Jeffers's Boy and his Penguin.)

I have to admit that I never thought I'd do a screen style post based on a cartoon, but here we are. It was so cute and easy to put together that it's even hopped the queue a little bit in terms of what I've been meaning to finish drafting and get up here! So, let's take a look at a few stills and then jump right into the goodies I've sussed round the interweb to get the Sarah & Duck look going on.

1) If you check that shot of Sarah and Duck's living room, you'll see some adorable faux-Victorian tiles in fireplace. If you look closer, there are duck silhouettes in the pattern! If you had a mantle or fireplace to dress up, these 1885 Josiah Wedgwood re-printed tiles would do the trick nicely.

2) The Scarf Lady in this show is adorable. However, she's also basically an octagenerian, and I don't know many people who aspire to dress that way...even if they're 80 themselves. So I've vamped up the Scarf Lady's basic look on Polyvore. The Forever 21 dress was a fun place to start.

3)This Spoonflower fabric from Mayabella can also be bought as a wallpaper. It definitely reminds me of the gorgeous and intricate patterns in Sarah and Duck's house. Plus, I managed to find something in that cute lavender colour.

4) Sarah sure does love her lemons. Want to show your lemon love without having to drink enough lemon water to permanently pucker your mouth? I think these lemon ornaments by Wintergreen Design on Etsy do the trick.

5) In the 'technology room' (where the computer lives), Sarah has a pretty sweet brown egg chair. Really, I love all the chairs in this house. But the Fritz Hansen leather egg chair from Made in Design is gorgeous. If only I had a room where this chair would work. Oh yeah...and the money to buy it...

6) Want to get closer to the lemon love than just some ornaments? Rock the lemon soap! This stuff from LoveLee Soaps on Etsy looks pretty fun. If you don't care about whether your soap looks like a lemon, you could also try Treacle Moon's Those Lemonade Days hand soap or bath and shower gel. I've actually tried the latter and it smells great: not too sweet or too bitter, and not overwhelming...but it still smells like real lemons.

7) Sarah's look, compiled on Polyvore: complete with H&M leggings and River Island dip-dye earrings.

I had fun with this! I have to admit, I'm looking forward to when the next 10 episodes of Sarah & Duck will come out later in the month. I'll try to keep the fangirl mommy talk to a minimum.


  1. Hey Bryony :) I'm on the design team for Sarah & Duck, lots of the animators and designers are reading and loving your post! Your attention to detail is fantastic, the screen style posts are so cool. We have lots more locations and costumes coming up in the next 10 stories, on our facbook and twitter accounts we have some more high-res images if you need them. Thanks, we love it :D

    1. Hey Rufus, thanks a bunch! I'll definitely have to do another of these at some point in these next 10 episodes; it was a lot of fun to put together. I'm really glad that your team are enjoying this post! It feels awesome to know that you all stumbled onto it! Cheers for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)

  2. I LOVE Sarah and DUCK! Rintoo from Ni Hao Kai Lan said that