Friday, March 1, 2013

Run to Race Day: Week Two

So I'm basically behind on everything this week after that sick day we all took on Monday. That said, I've kept myself busy and fairly productive yesterday, and today is looking to be much the same...starting with touching up the paint in our bay window. In case you haven't ever had the pleasure of noticing, ground floor flats are damp, and that's meant keeping on top of the cleaning in a big way to prevent any mold growing. Gross; I know. Anyway, there's no mold, but there is a bit of residual staining of the paint in the corners of the bay window, so since I can't seem to bleach it away (and trust me: I've tried. A lot.) I've decided just to paint over it. Some of the paint in here needed freshening up anyway. But enough about the house (for now); let's talk about running!

Again: I'm just not getting around to that whole 'run every day' malarkey that I initially said I was going to do. But I did meet one of my goals: to run the distance of the half marathon before the end of February! Now that we're into March, it's about time to start tapering, so I won't do the full 13.1 until the day of the race, but at least I know I can! The next goal I need to tackle? Getting out with the Hart Road Runners some time this month. I just need to pick a day and commit to it.

Forgot to take a picture on last Wednesday's run, so I've reused one from the day before. Not the best distance I've ever done, but that brookside path by our house is always good if I'm feeling lazy but still need to get in a quick circuit.

I have to say: this is my proudest running moment yet: proving that I can keep a sub-10:00 pace on over 13 miles. As ever, it took me about the first 2-3 miles to really settle in and find my pace, but once I did, it was pretty much smooth sailing. I really got into the zone around mile 11: I didn't care about what I was running past, what was on my iPod...nothing. I was just hypnotically into the rhythm of my feet striking the ground and I felt like I could keep going all day. Of course, to balance that out, by the end of mile 13 I was thinking, 'Why am I doing this to myself? I'm bored.' But the overall feeling was one of being awesome.

This was a day Kerri and I were meant to switch off with the babies again. But it was also our sick day. I just about made this pitiful little run without making myself feel any worse. Basically, I just wanted to stretch my legs after our practise half so that I didn't stiffen up too much when I eased back into normal training. My knees have felt a bit loose ever since, though.

This was a good day. For the exercise baby-swap, I ran the mile to Kerri's place, then did a 5-mile circuit when she watched the kids. The Husband had run to work that day, so upon finishing the playdate, I took E in the jogger and we cut through the centre of town to meet the Husband and run with him on the way home. 9.5 miles all in...I felt pretty good about myself.

Today is now yucky and grey and raining, but hopefully, the rain will lay off long enough for me to breeze through that 5-mile route again. I liked it. It takes me right by the airport, which I don't usually see, so the change of scenery is fun.

All in all, I'm still feeling good for this half marathon. Can't wait to get to race day!
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