Monday, February 11, 2013

Stylish Little Men: Sergent Major

Today's post is about a French children's clothing brand that I was turned on to by a family friend. Yup; thanks to some industrious internet research I found an adorable brand of clothes because of a sleepsuit we got from a friend of my in-laws.

What I love about the clothes in Sergent Major's collection is that they basically just look like scaled-down versions of normal grown-up outfits for men and teenage boys. Granted, their 0-24 months boys collection seems to have a bit of an overalls fetish, but considering they also have serviceable cargos, fun colours, and good layers...I can let it slide.

1) My favourite part of this is the baseball jacket. And the faux branded shirt is cute without being cutesy. Coloured trousers are also good for switching up with various t-shirts or button-downs.

2) These khaki cargos are great. I know the image here is small, but they've got buttons all up the inside of the leg: this is a must if you're trying to dress up anyone under the age of 7 or 8 months. It's SO much easier than wrangling the trousers on and off with every nappy change. Oh yeah, and the checked shirt is colourful, but not cartoonish.

3) The 2-7 years range is where Sergent Major starts to come into its own. The jeans, blue Keds-like shoes, and stripey jumper are basic and understated. Brilliant! It makes them easier to mix and match in with other things you might own already.

4) I love seeing kids layered like someone knows how to dress them! This outfit looks liveable. You know he can get ketchup or dirt all over that striped tee and it'll be fine. At the worst, you can zip the hoodie over it to hide the damage until you get home to the OxyClean. And again; simple, uncomplicated jeans are a must-have for anyone's wardrobe.

5) This is my favourite outfit, hands down. How cute is this little boy!? I covet that jacket for E so much: especially the shooting-jacket-like patches on the shoulders. The cuffed up khaki cargos are a great smart-casual piece: just turn the cuffs down and he can wear them to church or an afternoon wedding. And that jacket! Seriously...I need to figure out how to order from Sergent Major, STAT!

So yes, those last 3 options got a bit monochromatic with all the blue, but that's why you pick your pieces and switch them out with other things so your kid's wardrobe isn't all one oddly gender-specific colour. That said, they've kept the whole 'blue for boys' thing pretty subtle, as far as I'm concerned.


  1. I totally agree with you, the 5th one is my favourite as well:) I love the rolled up pants and stripes - adorable! Have a beautiful day, lovely.

    1. I'm glad you agree! It just looks cute and yet appropriately sophisticated for a little boy. Loved your post on the Orient Express, by the way! The whole thing has a very romantic feel to it.