Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just to Fill the Time

Today has been one of those days that doesn't seem to end. E is most definitely teething, and is making sure that we are all as miserable about that process as he is. I'm sure, to him, it only seems fair that if he has to suffer, then so should we all. At least he had a 90 minute nap today that let me get a bit of blog maintenance started as well as moving around a few things in the house that I'd been putting off.

Oh, and then we had baby group. When you're like me and you know that you could be on time to things if you just tried, it's a good feeling to know that you've given yourself 15 minutes of contingency time to get your act together. Want to know how to squander that time and still end up 10 minutes late?
Step 1: Get everyone's shoes by the door, sippy cup and spare nappies in the bag, and put on your jacket.
Step 2: Put on your kid's shoes, pop him in his buggy, then realise that your keys aren't where you left them.
Step 3: Spend 15 minutes fruitlessly searching the house for said keys.
Step 4: Call your husband, who reminds you that they were by the door, only to find them literally by the door on the floor where you somehow didn't think to look...even though your child habitually steals your keys and leaves them there.
Step 5: Lock up the house, then realise you left your purse inside. Retrieve it, then book it round the corner to baby group. Feel like you're a failure at life.

Here are some things I've found in the meantime that have been fun to look at:

Bethany Meyer talks about watching your kids grow up. Sniffle.

You Are My Fave makes a patterned pillowbox for tiny gift giving.

These cement earrings just seem novel and cute.

Thanks to one of the running blogs I started following, I've found twistbands. They look amazeballs.

Need some culture? Check this video on Titian's Bacchus and Ariadne from the National Gallery. I miss my museums.

Want more places to visit before you die? Check exPress-O's post on Corsica.

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