Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Holiday Running Streak, Week 3

So today wraps up the third week of my running streak, as so far I've been going strong with minimal problems. It's never been terribly difficult to fit a run in during the day; although, sometimes the key to that is turning errands into runs. As much as I could use the extra mileage from walking to do my errands in town and then adding a run on top of that, there are days where it just isn't feasible, and so I work with that.

Thursday: I had some papers for my residency application that I had to pick up from the Husband that day, so I agreed to head to the office around lunch time to grab the forms. The run was chilly and took us through Southwood, which is always a nice break from Suburban sidewalks on a run. Mileage: 6 miles.

Friday: After spending the morning between Sainsbury's, Reading, Maidenhead, and Reading, I took a break and spent the afternoon relaxing back at Tim & Rachel's house since she was kind enough to look after E while I did my Life in the UK test. After letting E nap on the ride home, I ran on my own once the Husband was back to watch him. Mileage: 1 mile.

Saturday: This was another day that felt like it needed more than the bare minimum doing, so I decided to do another circuit through the neighbourhood and along the brook. I felt bad when I first took off: E was outside "helping" his daddy wash the car, so when I started to run out of the car park and round the corner, he followed me! :-( The Husband said he kept going all the way to our roundabout on the main street, at which point he scooped him back up to keep washing the car. The little munchkin was determined to keep running until he found me! Mileage: 3.2 miles.

Sunday: Another nighttime run, and another short one. Since I was only going for a token run, I decided to make speed, rather than distance, the aim of this run and managed a 9:48 mile: my best time yet! Mileage: 1 mile.

Monday: I get hot when I run. Seriously. It doesn't matter how cold it is, after about half a mile, I'm pretty well warmed up. Witness Monday: with temperatures around the freezing point, I still had to strip off my fleece mid-run and go the last mile in my Nike racerback top. Sleeveless in December, FTW. Also: swans in the brook!? When did that brook become so classy? Mileage: 2 miles.

Tuesday: I probably could have fit in a different run to up my mileage for the day, but after taking a much needed nap with E rather than being productive, our trip to the library and back was my only chance to run other than the usual Southwood route to meet the Husband. As cold as it was when we ran home from the library, I opted out of the Family Run...I'd be warm enough, but with one tyre going flat in the cold and E in a grumpy mood, I didn't feel like fighting him to get bundled up enough to brave the sub-zero temps that evening. Mileage: 2.7 miles.

Wednesday: Today was another token distance. As soon as E was down for his nap, I put him in his new puffy jacket (Thanks, Tom & Kerri!), wrapped him in two thick blankets, and headed out the door. We went down the road to the bottle bank, then swung by the centre where he has baby group for one other errand.

And, as usual, #picsoritdidnthappen:

So far so good, really. This streak has never been taxing to keep up with, and at least in a small degree I'm either maintaining or improving on my usual weekly mileage. Not a bad thing for the off-season. Especially since the Fleet half marathon will be here far sooner than it seems. Here's to 13.1 miles in March!

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