Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Take What You Can Get

That is my philosophy with snow here in England: take what you can get, because it won't be much! That's why, when we woke to a light dusting in the car park of our block of flats, I decided to break out the snow trousers (thanks, Momma!) and get E outside pronto.

I used to have a tiny baby...
The last time we got any snow was back in February. Being about 4 months old, E wasn't really of an age to appreciate the snow. Now that he is, the snow wasn't significant enough to be worth appreciating. But I took him out to run around in it all the same. I'll be honest: it was more for me than anything else.

It's funny to think how much has changed since our last snow. E can walk now, and so it was worth letting him sport his little red Wellies to stomp around the car park. How did the tiny baby I held in the snow suddenly become a toddler who can scamper off all on his own? It may feel strange, but don't get me wrong: I love it. I can't wait to get some proper snowfall so that I can introduce this boy to all the joys of winter. Sledging, ice skating, snowball fights, igloo building...there's a whole world just waiting for me to use my kid as an excuse to rediscover.

And speaking of using my kid as an excuse for things, how about another cute video? I'm starting to have fun with our camera and Windows Movie Maker. (Oh, and special thanks to Mr. Dean Martin for providing this clip's backing track!)

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