Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello Halloween

I'd like to count this year as E's first Halloween. Last year, he was a sum total of 5 days old, and my token effort was to put a bowl on his head for 20 seconds and call him an astronaut before getting back to carving our pumpkin. I don't think that really does any justice to the holiday.

This year, in keeping with our last-minute efforts, after carving the pumpkin during E's nap yesterday, we went out shopping in Basingstoke with Kerri and Snowy and I picked up a costume for the little man so that he could be properly dressed-up when we went to the church's Spook Night and trunk-or-treat. Please remember this, Brits: we're appropriating the term trick-or-treat in order to imply that you're getting treats out of the boot - or trunk - of someone's car. I can't count the number of times I heard people calling it "trick-or-trunk" last night...which brings up images of performing a trick so as not to be stuffed into the trunk of a car and sold to gypsies.

The world's cutest penguin (complete with puppet twin)
Despite falling asleep on the way (he'd been cranky after going to the GP for his 1 year immunisations earlier in the day), E had a blast at the party. He ran around, avoided being bowled over by the older, more rambunctious children, and even did a little bit of trick-or-treating in Daddy's arms. That said, we kept ourselves circumspect and the night's haul of goodies was restricted to a tiny pack of chocolate stars and another tiny pack of Haribo gummies. Let's not get greedy, after all.

Happy Penguin is waking up...

...just after munching on a few Maltesers
The Husband and I loved watching E run around the cultural hall. It was so cute to see him all dressed up and properly enjoying Halloween for the first time in his life. ...And then he decided that he could improve upon his costume.

Don't Fear the Reaper (Penguin)
With just the addition of an abandoned plastic scythe, my kid became the Reaper Penguin: the spectral penguin that visits other penguins on their deathbeds. He didn't want to give it up. Much like when he wanders around the house with our broom, this scythe was now his pride and joy. Part walking stick, part weapon, part toy, he toddled all through the crowds pounding it into the ground and waving it with wild abandon, content in his possession of a moderately dangerous plaything. It took some cunning distraction to get the scythe away from him and back to our friends' kid before the end of the night.

So that was Ethan's first proper Halloween. The Husband and I didn't dress up, but in years to come perhaps we'll get our act together and carve pumpkins and assemble costumes before the actual day of Halloween itself. It's a nice thought, anyway.

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