Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Halfsies, Part 9: The 2012 Holiday Running Streak

via, Runner's World

I love this idea. I love it because it gives me some more outside motivation. Sure, the Grim will be soon upon us...it's just under 2 weeks away; but I like this idea to keep things moving - even if it's only slowly - through the rest of the holiday season so that I can keep the momentum going as I train for the Fleet Half Marathon.

Runner's World has this initiative called The 2012 Holiday Running Streak. The point is to run at least one mile every day no matter what. If you decide that it's "one and done"; that's absolutely fine. The point is just to keep up the routine and get in that one mile every day between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.

Yeah, maybe the every day part sounds a bit daunting, but 1 mile is super easy. Even if you feel like a rubbish runner, that mile will be over before you know it. Even if you start off having to alternately walk one half of every mile you try to run, at least you're getting out of the door, you know?

So this is my public commitment to be a streaker this year. (Yes...I think it's meant to sound vaguely naughty.) Starting on Thanksgiving - once I've got the turkey in the oven - I'm running for at least a mile. Every. Single. Day. My enthusiasm is high at this point and I'm going to try to keep it that way. To remain accountable, I'll find a way to keep everyone updated on the runs. Maybe weekly blog updates, maybe an Instagram photo from each run with the hashtag #RWRunStreak...we'll see. But I'm doing it. And you now have the right to hold me to that statement.

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