Monday, October 29, 2012

The Party: Taking a Look

So E's party on Saturday was a success. The Husband and I sat around in the aftermath and enjoyed the lazy glow of basking in a job well done. It helped that by the time we were alone with E and doing our basking/lounging my mother-in-law had already helped wash a good proportion of the dishes and I'd done as much vacuuming as I needed to maintain some degree of sanity. E was sitting on the floor enjoying all of his new toys, there hadn't been any last-minute emergencies during the morning's prep, and we even managed to get a nice family photo for the in-laws's Christmas cards.

As broken down by stats, here's how the party went:
Children: 6 (including the birthday boy)
Adults: 12 (including the Husband and myself)
Hours of party time: 3
Types of homemade pizza: 2
Layers in pumpkin-flavoured birthday cake: 3
Empty jars painted as jack-o-lanterns: 14
Paper gift bags for party favours: 3 (all made the night before on a whim)
Assorted decorative squashes: 12 (including the pumpkin we still need to carve)
Slides in the "year in the life" PowerPoint presentation: 14 (12 + titles & end slides)

And now, since pictures are always more fun to look at, let's get to those:

(Top to bottom, left to right) E playing with my tummy, Snowy & other kids hanging out under the table, guests enjoying the spread, Henricus & Rach having some nibbles, more of the general party room, my candy corn bunting & paper bats, Ethan and Snowy hanging out.

The decorative gourds

My boys just after the birthday boy woke up from his nap

creepy dirt cake! (complete with gummy worms)

pumpkin birthday cake (with whipped cream cheese frosting & Oreo spider)

E on his new car from Mimi & Papa (the Husband's parents)
Other details will definitely be forthcoming. Things like the general cost, preparation time, and any of the fun recipes & helpful tips we found and used to make this party as simple and fun as we possibly could. I'm already excited for the prospect of our next birthday party! What can I say? I've loved throwing parties ever since I was a kid...I'm a bit weird, but my kids will appreciate it.

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