Monday, October 22, 2012

Mommy Mondays: Across the (Gender) Divide

Today was a bit of a gloomy, foggy, overcast day. But this past weekend was lovely! Pumpkin picking at Garson's was brilliant. We went with the Husband's parents and had a fantastic time showing them around, choosing a pumpkin to carve, picking out mutant squash to decorate the house with, and updating the Christmas ornament collection. Pictures will most definitely follow.

Since today wasn't terribly chilly as days in October go, I decided that just the one layer would suffice for our trip out to baby group. Ever since seeing this picture on one of my favourite blogs, exPress-O, I'd been dying to test out the oversized-men's-dress-shirt look again. Especially as I now have a comfy and wonderfully versatile pair of skinny jeans with which I can work.

Counter-intuitive though it may seem, there's something incredibly feminine to me about wearing oversized men's clothes. It's a bit like all the movies and TV shows I remember from growing up (like Friends) where you'd often see a girl - the morning after spending the night with a guy - wearing his pyjama top or dress shirt as a borrowed nightgown. So, to me, there's always something sexy and slightly naughty about stealing the Husband's clothes to wear like that.

via, Caffeine Mascara and an iPhone
via, Omiru

It actually reminds me of when we first started dating. S had this cozy and giant red, fleecy jumper with a short collar and a half zip. Once, staying at his place for the day, I borrowed it when I got cold and ended up taking it home. I wore it constantly for the next fortnight, and sometimes I'd turn the collar around slightly and I could still smell his cologne from where the fleece rubbed against the nape of his neck. I did the same thing when I stole his university hoodie and took it with me all over Italy and Denmark for my Spring Break holiday. That hoodie saved my life in Rome: it was freezing at night for most of the week I was there, and even after getting extra blankets from the campground staff, that hoodie did me a world of good.

Rocking the Husband's hoodie in a confessional booth in the Vatican.
Now that I've waxed lyrical about the man whose clothes I get to steal for the rest of my life, I think it's time for some lunch before I edit the weekend's pumpkin picking pictures. (Try saying that five times fast...) Besides; I need to catch up on watching Downton Abbey!

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