Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halfsies Part Eight: Ow, Ow, Ow!

So on Saturday, I stuck to my guns and went out for a nice long run. Just shy of 6 miles, actually. I was really pleased with myself. I decided to set off in a direction I hadn't run before and just see where it took me. So I went to the roundabout where we usually meet the Husband on family runs and then turned right to go explore some new territory.

I was feeling really good for pretty much the whole run. I barely stopped or slowed, I had great tunes to fuel me along, the weather was just cool enough to feel idyllic. There was just one slight problem. The big tow on my left foot kept twinging and tingling every few strides when it would hit the pavement. I tried to ignore it as best I could and adjusted how I let my foot fall when I was thinking about it. Sure enough, about halfway through the run, it had basically stopped bothering me altogether. And then I looked down at my shoes...

Oops. Yeah, the problem hadn't just been how my foot was hitting the ground. The nail on my second toe had been gouging a massive chunk out of my big toe...and subsequently ruining my shoe. Of course, by the time I noticed this I was waiting to cross a roundabout to get back to a part of my impromptu route that actually had a path to run on, not just the overgrown verges on the side of the road, and anyway it had stopped hurting, so there wasn't much I was going to do about the issue until I got home.

Mangled foot aside, the run was brilliant. As the Grim website told me the year before last, if you can run 5 miles on roads, you can finish the Grim. My time wasn't brilliant, but I definitely proved the truth of that advice last time. Seeing as how I've just reminded myself that I can run that sort of distance without A) getting winded, B) destroying my joints, or C) wanting to die, I'm feeling even more excited for December. A few more Saturdays like this last one and I should be in decent shape for the Grim.

On an entirely unrelated note, E had me in stitches this afternoon when I went in to get him up from his first nap. I figured he'd already be awake, but I didn't expect to find him lounging around like this in my bed...

He's already got nonchalance down to an art.

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