Friday, September 28, 2012

For Just Such an Occasion

Technically, I only share outfits on Mondays. It's become a bit of a "thing". But because I've done nothing buy lie around in bed waiting to be sick for most of the past 48 hours, I figured I'd share something besides my misery.

This is an outfit I wore a while back, and I like it because it's simple and comfy. Especially for days like we've had lately where it's just a bit colder and generally quite rainy, having a nice 3/4-sleeve jumper is a good thing. It's just a bit thicker than a t-shirt, but not so heavy that you're sweating unless you're wandering around in a meat locker. Plus, the boat neck and vaguely butterfly-like sleeves are pretty fun as well.

The slippers are just for around the house. No, I am not that person who wears slippers to the grocery store. (Though it was a near thing as I almost forgot to take them off before walking out of the door...) But these L.L. Bean slippers - the temporary replacement for the now returned Wicked Good clogs - are divine. That said, I don't know why they ever stopped selling the Wicked Good clogs. They're the best slippers I've ever worn. Mostly, I just stole my mother's pair for years. Then Victoria got a pair of Wicked Good scuffs and I suffered years of slipper envy.

Are slippers a necessity? No, not really, but when everyone else has cute, durable, really warm and fuzzy slippers, you do start to feel a bit left out. So when my mom came over just after E was born last year and presented me with an early Christmas present of L.L. Bean slippers, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside - much like the slippers themselves. For someone who walks around barefoot probably 80% of the time, I do have a soft spot in my heart for these things. It's one of the lovely things about autumn: getting to wear my L.L. Bean's reminds me of all the cozy time spent snuggled up inside, lounging around with a hot chocolate and some cookies. Which reminds me: this year, Christmas cookies baking is on. I will be setting to on all three varieties of Christmas cookies that we had in our house as kids. I'm all about change, but Christmas is about tradition, and I'm definitely starting the traditions early in this family: my kids will have speculaas and jammie shortbreads and Swedish heirloom cookies. And they will like them.

Who would have thought I could transition so seemlessly from slippers to cookies? What can I say: it's a gift.

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