Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Most Days

Most days with a baby are nothing particularly exciting. He wakes up at some ungodly hour of the morning and I try to go back to sleep while the Husband takes him for some Daddy-Son bonding time before leaving for work.

Most days he rampages around my bed for an hour or so before deciding to cuddle up and take his morning nap. Climbing the headboard, attacking my phone charging cable, and trying to dive face-first towards the floor are all involved. So, most days, I sit in bed and read the blogs I keep up with, or polish off another chapter or two from whatever book I'm slogging through. Sometimes, if I'm feeling oddly productive, I'll get out of bed and do some tidying.

Most days, we get dressed around 10 or 11 and go for a walk before lunch. After lunch, the little monster goes down for his nap and I straighten up the house. The afternoons are reserved for things like library trips, last-minute errands, visits to friends, swimming sessions at the pool, or sometimes an even longer walk. At some point I do the thing that makes me feel most like a lazy parent: while E is having play time on the living room floor, I scatter some Cheerios over my newly vacuumed carpet so that he can snack as he plays. It's my house: I totally don't care if my kid eats off the floor in my own house.

But then there are some days where we discover all sorts of fun things. Like these:

  • after throwing an almighty tantrum, when he behaves enough to be picked up, E gives the best cuddles. Really, this is the upside to tantrums.
  • If you eat the foil wrapper of a Kit-Kat it will pass through your digestive tract unscathed. True story.
  • The washing machine makes a great echo chamber...especially if you shout into it and beat the inside with a potato masher at the same time.
  • E may not like caramelised nectarines with mascarpone cheese, but he'll sure eat them. Of course, this requires making a confused and disgruntled scowl the whole time, but surprisingly nothing was spit back out.
  • Bubbles are the business. We may have just found a new favourite toy.

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