Friday, July 20, 2012

Like a Grown-Up & "Oooh, Pretty!"

Okay, so it's not quite like a boss, but it's my own version for the time being. What did we do last night?
Got ready a grown-up.
Didn't forget anything a grown-up.
Left my son with a a grown-up.
Had a nice dinner a grown-up.
Made some awesome new a grown-up.
Scheduled another dinner a grown-up.

Seriously: I was so proud of myself as we drove away from my friend Linda's house. We did wave "bye bye" about three times, and I kept using my sing-song baby voice to tell Ethan, "We'll see you soon, Sweetie!" but I walked out of the door and left my baby with someone else and I didn't lose it. It helps that E is such a people person and he lurves Linda and her husband, so he didn't cry when the Husband and I walked out of the door to go on our date.

The two weeks that Ethan and I went to play group across the street, I met another mom, Kerri, and her little girl, Snowy.Well, Kerri and I hit it off splendidly and so she invited us out to dinner with her and her husband, Tom, the other night. Dude; making friends has never felt so easy. We had just the right amount of interests in common, the conversation flowed brilliantly, the guys got to talk Airsoft and guns and planes and games: I couldn't have asked for a better night.

Something I've noticed is that, in our church, people tend to take it for granted that you'll immediately make tonnes of friends wherever you go because you just assume that being members of the same, really quirky, denomination, you'll already have so much in common. Let me just say how much that's not necessarily the case. Tom and Kerri, on the other hand, are at the same stage in life as us: young, relatively newly married, but with a kid under 18 months. That makes a huge difference! You have the same issues, a similar perspective on what raising kids feels like...basically, you're in the same boat. And it helped that they're just as nerdy as we are. We could talk about Firefly and The Unit and Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead and superhero movies. Not to say that we can't do these things with people we know from church (because we do know some fun people), but most people are either:
A) Old enough to be our parents
B) Just enough older that they have 3+ children (and usually aren't planning to have any more)
C) Not yet ready to have children, or
D) born and bred in the area, and in no need of an extended network of friends.

And now for something completely different!

I wanted to share a few things that are making me happy at the moment...just because.

via: Velvet Brown

Gladioli. I bought some yesterday when I had to make a stop in Sainsbury's and I'm really looking forward to seeing them bloom. It's nice to have something else to put in the hugely tall vase I got from my mother-in-law.

via: Design*Sponge

These pillows from Hammocks & High Tea. Another brand that I've found and love thanks to the style/decorating blogs I read. Though this find came from Design*Sponge, another recent find that's definitely worth checking out for inspiration is Birch + Bird. Get on that.

This awesome tunic top from Monsoon. I couldn't find a picture of it in the "sale" section of the website, so this Instagram shot will have to suffice. With a 70% off sale, how could I pass it up? Plus, I love anything that can flatter me both skinny and pregnant. That's a gem.

via: Terrain
Colour-dipped wooden anything. Particularly these bowls and others like them. I just love the pop of colour it brings, as well as the idea that if you had plain wooden bowls and some paint & painter's tape, you could probably just do it yourself and customise it to match anything you like.

via: Terrain
Super awesome descriptive juice glasses. I really want to find out how to get sticky stencils and write whatever I want on my glasses like that. Plus, there's just something cute about the simple labels these cups get. It'd be neat to have ones for "water", "milk", and "fizz", too.

via: Livestrong
Going jogging with our jogger. It's about time I've done this! We finally got out for an actual run rather than a walk this morning and let me just say that I felt pretty awesome about myself. There's a small canal by our house that makes up part of a brilliant 2.2-mile loop on a chilly July morning. And considering how many more calories you're likely to burn pushing your kid around in their jogging pushchair, you can feel - well - like a boss when you do it. (Oh, and listening to Gewn Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" definitely helps. Just sayin'.)

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