Monday, July 9, 2012

Ethan: the director's cut

I've been sadly lacking in video of Ethan doing his thing here on the blog, and I thought it was time to get back to that a bit. After all, probably half of the people that read this blog are either related to me or might as well be, so seeing their nephew/grandson/future ring bearer in video is a highlight of my frequent self-involved ramblings. Here are the latest offerings:

Ethan sets off on his quest to capture Daddy's glasses:

A little bit of quality time with the pigs back at QinetiQ's Family Fun Day (I swear it didn't seem that windy at the time...):

Playing with the giant scarf (and some other babies) at play group today:

This reminds me: we did make it back to play group this week like I'd hoped. It was brilliant. Yes, Ethan got a bit cranky and threw a fit at one point, but once he realised he wasn't getting my attention for it, he stopped. I love seeing him during the whole 10 minutes he bothers to interact with other kids. It's good for him to learn to share and play gently and have structured activities. What were some of this week's highlights?

  • Playing with a whisk and a drain plug on a chain with a little girl named Leila.
  • Making sub-par yellow footprints with some paint. Apparently, we don't walk confidently enough yet to make clear footprints...but we'll get there in time.
  • "talking" to Leila and a very sweet little boy called Elliot. (We then scared Elliot by yelling in his face. Oops.)
  • Screaming loudly for joy and throwing fruit during snack time. (yup, my kid is the one who won't pick up his food and eat it; he throws it and licks the plate.)
  • Making friends with a sweet little ginger girl named Snowy. (And I made friends with Snowy's mum, Kerri. I feel like quite the success this week.)
  • Managing to be gentle and not poke the other babies' eyes out. Win!
Ethan and Snowy live it up during play time.
Every day is an adventure with this kid. I think tomorrow's adventure will involve a trip to the library: we're in desperate need of some new books to read before bed. Any suggestions?


  1. Oh, it's so hard to watch him struggle to crawl and reach for Seb's glasses. I hope you rewarded him well once the camera stopped.

  2. We did let him have them for a bit. Otherwise, if he never gets them, he'll stop trying.