Friday, June 15, 2012

Things I've Meant to Catch Up On

In the midst of wall painting and truffle making, we made another trip to TM Maxx earlier in the week. Our house is in desperate need of a full-length mirror. Or at least a mirror that's not over a dresser or a table. These other finds were pretty fun, too, I have to admit. If only I could justify a decorative poof or some snazzy boxes to keep the shelves organised and cute.

Extra seating and a baby toy: epic win.
I'd love to use this in the kitchen instead of the hideous fluorescent strip light.
These would look brilliant on the Billy bookcases in our living room.

Of course, the other thing I'd love to do to the living room is get a new rug. Our current rug - arches in shades of brown - is a trusty veteran of the Husband's flat back on Tennyson Road in London, and then in the house down in Wimbledon Park the year after that. It's not a terrible rug's just seen better days. Much better days. Not to mention it has basically no pile to speak of, so it needs vacuuming pretty much every day to day-and-a-half since the lint and crumbs and hair just sit on top of it and look horrible. Personally, I think vacuuming every day is a bit excessive (but I can't stand looking at a filthy rug), so I'd like something that can take a week between cleanings. Something like this, perhaps...

best part? I can customise the colours to match our d├ęcor!

In the meantime, I have a baby to attend to. We've just lowered the mattress in his crib so he can stand himself up. We bribed him with a whisk last night to get him to walk while holding the crib rail. Clearly, we're great parents.

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