Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why Pinterest is Awesome...reason #17

Not that I have any idea what most of the other 16 reasons are that I love Pinterest...beyond it giving me an excuse to look at pretty things and feeling like a moderately constructive waste of my time. But Official Reason #17 on the list of Why Pinterest is Awesome Sauce is this: because my quest to pin new and exciting things leads me to chart undiscovered corners of Teh Interwebz I may never have otherwise found.

Take today, for example: Ethan is having a lovely nap which he sorely needs, and I'm using the time to play with Pinterest because I don't want to wake him up by running the vacuum or using the blender to make more baby food. Plus, with my birthday officially 9 days away on the countdown (y'all, I'm going to be 25 and yes, I still count down to my birthday. It's still exciting to me.) I have a huge list of things I'd really love to buy myself. A racerback bra...a racerback top for Zumba class...new jeans that don't have holes from where my thighs rub together (yeah, I'm making an ashamed face here)...nail polish base coat so my nail polish lasts longer...oh yeah, and a wall stencil for my front hallway.

People, I have a dream. A dream that one day, Sebastian and I will be able to afford an amazing house. A house in which I can DIY to my heart's content. A house that I can paint, install new flooring in, re-do crown moulding in, and generally personalise the ever-loving hell out of. Now, until that dream materializes into shiny happy reality, I wouldn't mind using this flat as my test-dummy. I painted Ethan's nursery all on my own, installed two new curtain rods in the bedrooms, learned how to bleach funky grout, fake-hemmed some curtains, and fitted some new hardware to our bathroom cabinet. Since part of my dream house is to have a mudroom, I'd like to practise some of the technique required for that dream mudroom on my front hall. (While, at the same time, adding interesting detail to what is basically the darkest, most claustrophobic corner of the house.)

So, I started trolling teh Interwebz to find some stencils I could either buy with minimal guilt, or recreate with minimal hassle.

In addition to the loads of stencils I found, I found this: Pin and Paper blog. The specific post to which the link leads is a hilarious (to me, anyway) rant about crafting, DIY, and the mommy blogs that make you feel inadequate about both. I really just wanted to share. Enjoy.

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