Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Notice anything different? How about now...

Yeah - not only did a new coat rack get installed in E's room, but we also rearranged the whole thing on a whim over the weekend. It was the Husband's idea, actually, and I'm really glad he suggested it. The room feels so much more open now that the shelves are all along one wall. I don't have a picture of the shelves on that last wall yet for two reasons:

  1. there was a whole drying rack of rather personal clean laundry in the way
  2. the shelves are still unorganized and, thus, are a hot mess.
Le sigh. Once I can utilize a few naptimes to get everything in its place, perhaps more pictures will be forthcoming. In the meantime, I'll consider a post about my first foray into soup-making and start looking at paint chips for another project I have in mind...

practising chewing for when those pearly whites come in

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