Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello, Bleach, My New Best Friend

Hello, Bleach, my new best friend
You've gone and done it yet again
for on the mildew slowly creeping
I left you into the grout seeping
and the vision that was left to greet my eyes
to my surprise
was a pristine new shower
(all sung to the tune of Simon and Garfunkel's Sound of Silence)
cue the "ping!" sound effect to signify clean

Thank goodness, too. After the last set of bathtub pictures we took of Ethan, the Husband and I realised that our tub surround was in desperate need of TLC. And not just any old dose of extra attention. This tiling and grout needed attention like a hyperactive 4-year-old at their baby sister's birthday party. It needed attention like that friend you know you have who posts leading Facebook status updates like, "Ugh; worst morning eveeeeeeeer!!! SO don't wanna talk about it!" just so that you'll ask them what's wrong. This shower was the red-headed stepchild of dirty showers. Don't get me wrong: I cleaned that thing. I went to it with Ajax and Cilit Bang like my life depended on it. I was legitimately hands-and-knees scrubbing that thing with a bandana on at one point like I was Cinderella.

But as far as those skanky mildew stains were concerned, I might as well have been using the tub to contain an unholy hoard of Chia Pets: whatever wanted to grow there was going to do as it damn well pleased and give a trollish smile to my Ajax-covered knuckles.

I'm sorry; did you want those clean?

After a short Google search, it seemed that the best solution - as with E's crib mattress, was the old school solution. A spray of bleach and a short half-hour wait later, I gave the tiles and grout a short scrub and the shower was in brilliant shape yet again. In fact, the best shape it's seen since we moved in. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it troll midlew stains!

And speaking of new additions and changes around the house...

One of the two prints I ordered for the kitchen! They're both hanging up, but I only just realised that the other picture is shamefully unfocused, and since I'm about to start typing one-handed so as to better attend my wailing son, I can't be bothered to expend the effort to retake the photo. It was a great find from The Word Shop on Etsy. I'm on a bit of an art kick lately: nice framed prints are an easy way to spruce up the house.

And guess who's on his way to a snazzy new UK passport?

this face was made for travel
He was both amused and bemused by the photographer, who was quite charmed by my little boy. Not a bad camera performance for a little boy who's still fighting a cold.

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  1. How does he know so early in life that you're not supposed to smile when your passport photo is taken?

    Gunnar says the striped shirt makes it seem like a prison mug shot. I don't care. He's still cute!