Monday, January 23, 2012

A Few of My Favourite Things

Having gone on a Pinterest binge over the past couple of days, I thought the time was right to share a few of my favourite finds again. Not just those from the furthest reaches of Teh Interwebz, but a few from the real world, as well! How about that?

Some lovely English pottery: courtesy of my mother-in-law. We actually got this as a gift on the day that Ethan was born. It's just the right size to be a lovely salad bowl. I wish I could throw a neat potted bowl. Let's put that on the list of my long-term life goals, shall we?

Don't even ask me why the last picture is sideways. These two bowls (the top is serving size, the bottom is cereal size) came from the French Alps. I still revel in how cool that sounds to me! Anyway, we were there for our first family holiday after getting married, and - yet again thanks to my mother-in-law - we took a trip into this teeny tiny town called St. Sigismond. The whole excursion was specifically to suss out this amazing potter who had turned his garage into a studio and sold gorgeous pieces that he coloured with local natural pigments. He even had an adorable 6-year-old son who made a few coat hangers that my friend Kari bought, and who seemed amazed and transfixed at the number of Euros we brought out to pay his dad for our insane pottery hoard.

And now....teh Interwebz:

can you tell yet I'm a pottery fiend?
cutesy, but cute.
a nice touch of the sleek and retro
Riviera anyone?
Because, who doesn't want a good nail polish?
a good chair for reading is essential...and it rocks ;)

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have pictures, not only of a nice outing, but of my belated Christmas present finally arrived and displayed in all its glory. Of course, the latter depends on making the time for a small project this evening once the Husband returns from work. 

And speaking of small projects, Young House Love - one of my all-time faves - is staging, some time soon, another Pinterest Challenge...and I think I'll be taking part this time around. You see, I have this:

lovely idea just hanging around on my Thanksgiving/Christmas pinboard, politely twiddling its thumbs, waiting on me to find the motivation to round up some snazzy vintage-y paper and go to town exercising my crazy crafting skillz. Crafty projects are good: they give me something to do during nap times when I'm listening to whatever podcast seems most interesting that day. Anywho, when I actually complete this project, I'll be sure to share all of its sticky decoupaged details with you right here. Hey: I'm at home with a 3-month-old all day, I need to share this with someone who has a sound grasp of the English language. :)

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