Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Enjoying It

After getting to stare at E during our second run through the old neighbourhood today, I decided I wanted to share some of my favourite moments of him. Sadly, I haven't managed to get video yet of when he chuckles in his sleep. That is a moment that needs documenting for posterity. So does the way he cuddles up against me when I pick him up after a diaper change. He seems to suddenly forget that I was the person airing out his naked butt, much to his discomfort, and I'm instantly transformed back into the warm cuddly person who makes the food.

So, for everyone's mutual enjoyment: some of the best footage of Mr. EJJD:

Yarrrrgh! Avast ye scurvy sea dogs!
Little E on the day he was born. It's absolutely crazy to me how much he's changed in just the past month!

1 week old and enjoying Daddy's tasty finger.

Hey, where'd that finger go?

A blissful moment of sleep.
When you're sick in bed and don't want to get up, you need lots of gear in and around the bed with you in order to take care of yourself and your baby. Here's E lounging with some of his swag.

Getting close to a smile as we do a bath-time photo shoot.

Flash those baby blues.

Hey there little sunspot.
Rocking the freshly-bathed cloth diaper look. The jury's still out on those cloth diapers, by the way. We've been switching them in and out with the rest of our stash of disposables and the Husband and I haven't quite made up our minds about which are better. Obviously, the cost of cloth is a huge mark in its favour, but we're still working out the kinks with leaks where the cloth diapers are concerned. They seem to saturate much more quickly, and especially the BumGenius brand I bought are better suited to a chunkier little chunk. Ethan doesn't quite have the thunder thighs necessary to pull those off yet: he's still very long and thin as babies go. That said, the cloth diapers seem to be much gentler on his little butt as far as rash is concerned...but that could just be confirmation bias or correlation of the increased use of cloth diapers with the disappearance of a rash that was clearing up anyway

Somehow, working in a comment on the possible logical fallacies I might be employing makes it feel so much more acceptable to have spent an entire paragraph discussing the optimum covering of my son's bits and pieces. Know what else makes it feel more acceptable, too? A hilarious and hilariously accurate set of topically relevant infographics from the obscenely entertaining blog, How To Be A Dad:

And with that giggle vomit-inducing visual; I leave you.

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