Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Baby Stuff

While all the sheets and onesies and blankets we have are spinning away in the dryer, I have another new toy to play with. Though to be honest, it's not much fun without a baby to play with in tandem. After the research I did and looking at the heinously expensive prices of most baby carriers, Sebastian agreed to let me get a Moby wrap for our little munchkin.

It's basically a long piece of fabric that you wrap around and then sit the baby in the criss-cross'd folds. (Anyone else having a moment of singing "Jump" by Kriss-Kross? Just me?...)

Anyway, it's great. No fiddly buckles and straps to play with; you can have the baby in it from the get-go (provided he's not too tiny); baby can face you or the world depending on how controlling those pesky neck muscles is going, and because you just re-wrap the Moby each time, it's easy to share if you and the other resident baby-carrier aren't the same size. (Incidentally, I think we are the same size when I'm not pregnant...I've stolen Seb's jeans before and his t-shirts all the time...)

So, since I can't just get new things and let them sit somewhere unopened until I need them, I decided to play with my Moby...

Albert the Wake Forest teddy bear became my test dummy for our inaugural run. It seemed to go pretty well. And, if all else fails, there are handy-dandy instructions (in full colour!) that came in the bag. Oh, and this is what it looks like un-packed and un-worn:

In any event, I may feel a bit granola carrying my kid around in this, but at least it doesn't look like I have an alien popping out of my abdomen...

Update: we tested the Moby out on my nephew, Henry, over the weekend. Result? The Moby works just fine and I actually know what I'm doing well enough not to drop, tangle, or otherwise injure a baby. Henry, however, was far less than amused at the reality of being strapped to my chest with no means to thrash his head about in search of boobs.

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