Wednesday, September 21, 2011

For the Sake of Balance

So since I've forfeited my shiny shiny halo for the day (now how will I accessorize my harp and wings?), I'm basically a horrible person. But even horrible people can be nice, and in the interests of good karma, I'll make up for mercilessly mocking an old lady's creepy soul-sucking mermaid doll by sharing some culinary love.

A few nights ago, Seb begged for home-made fries and pan-grilled chicken for dinner. I happily obliged - deep-frying the fries the way he likes them. Considering that it takes longer and is more effort-intensive than just slinging some freezer fries in the oven, properly deep-fried chips are a bit of a rarity in our house. So this time I decided to make them even more special: I was going to season them!

As I've said before, my mad-scientist tendency gives me only a passing respect for real recipes. I mean, if Nigella or Jamie or Emeril came up with it, I've got more respect than Kanye has for Jay-Z. Represent, professional chefs! But when it comes to my own inventions, I'm not known for my habit of writing things down to ensure replicate-able accuracy. In fact, I'm sure most things I've faked my way through in the kitchen turn out to be distinctly different each time I do them. With that in mind, take the following with a fair dose of flexibility.

So: my home-made seasoned chips:

1 tsp Steakhouse Pepper
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 tsp hot chili powder
1 tsp paprika
1 tbls salt

It's possible there's a tiny bit of cumin in there, but no more than about 1/2 tsp at most. Oh, and this concoction should last you through at least 3-4 large potatoes' worth of fries. I only just used the rest of the stuff tonight on some baked potatoes with barbecue baked beans on top.

Checkers: eat your heart out. (Am I the only one who's hungry again?)

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