Monday, August 29, 2011

What's Up @ 32 Weeks...

So as of today, Piggly Wiggly and I have now reached a whopping 32 weeks of growing and incubating. I still can't quite believe how ridiculously long ago it seems when I first saw the word "pregnant" on that little digital test. Seriously: I've spent only 6 weeks of this whole year not being pregnant...and during those six weeks, I was trying pretty darn hard to be pregnant.

What milestones have we now reached at 32 weeks? Well, as of my last appointment with the midwife, I've been informed that my little munchkin is finally head-down instead of chilling out like my uterus is his/her own personal hammock. The bonus to this? Head-down baby means, in no uncertain terms: we are getting ready to be born! Just what I want to hear.

Oh, and according to the Fit Pregnancy website, Piggly Wiggly's bones are ossifying. It explains why those night-time TaiBo sessions have become much more pronounced. It's a no-brainer now as to whether I'm being poked with a foot or a hand or a knee most of the time.

My one fear is this:

From now until delivery, you'll be gaining about a pound a week. About half of that gain is the baby's, the rest is fluid retention.

Seriously? A pound a week for the next (possibly) eight weeks? No thanks. I've gained enough weight. I already have to keep my wedding and engagement rings in their box because they don't fit on my finger any more. That's because my finger now bears more resemblance to a sausage than a normal human digit. Any more fluid retention and I'll be holding more water than the Hoover Dam! Don't get me wrong, my 4 lb. baby can gain what weight it likes...and by that I mean it can gain another 3 lbs., give or take. But I don't personally need to put on another pound. Especially since it's not even something useful like fat stores for breastfeeding, it's just useless water retention. Do I look like a water cooler? Are people standing around me and gossiping with tiny paper cups in their hands? I didn't think so.

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