Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pinterest Round-Up

Despite the fact that sometimes it feels like filler when I can't think of anything else to write, I do enjoy pulling up my favourite internet finds that I've posted to my Pinterest boards. Things that I want to make/buy, things I just love the look of...just a general collection of inspiration for various projects or wardrobe updates and the like.

I know that some people aren't huge DIY'ers. If we're being honest - I'm not either. Don't get me wrong, if I had the budget for it, I'd DIY quite a few more things...
(Repaint the bathroom, install a new shower curtain system, paint the bedroom, make a baby quilt, create some fun Christmas decorations for the rest of the house [not just the tree]....the list goes on.)
But, generally speaking, it's not like I live to craft or anything. Making cutesy useless projects or nick-nacks is not my idea of a good time. Maybe I'm still detoxing from the hideous collection of unnecessary vases in our last apartment, but the idea of buying up, or (even worse), spending the time to make things that are just going to sit around catching more dust for me to clean just isn't an appealing project.

I like decorating things - it was my favourite part of being the director of the International Flair fashion show back at Wake my senior year - but I don't like extraneous tat. What qualifies as "tat"?, you may find yourself asking. Lucky for you, I have some clear ideas on that front!

1. Vases that don't hold anything. WTF?
2. Ornamental fake grass bundles. Y'all know what I'm talking about.
3. Tiny figurines. Don't get me wrong, some of these things can be cute, but I've never met a figurine so cute that I had to take it home to stare at on my shelf all the time. And please, for Heaven's sake, don't put it on a little lace doily. This, to me, screams "I'm a little old lady who thinks anyone under the age of 45 is a small child who appreciates small handfuls of warm candy from my pocket."
4. "Inspiring" quote wall decals. Okay, so these don't technically collect dust, but again: I've never found a quote so incredibly inspiring that I needed it in 4"-tall letters on my living room wall to read every time I watch TV, read a book, or entertain company. And let's not forget just how asinine and un-original most of these sorts of quotes actually are. Examples?

Anyone else choking back a tidal wave of vomit yet?

With all those things in mind, here are some of my favourite finds on my Pinterest boards from the past few weeks. (I think I need a style pallet-cleanser after all those bland, insipid, and saccharine-sweet decals...)

a nice way to have a collection of something and still keep in on display, but out of the way.
a fun art idea that you could either buy on Etsy, or make yourself with left-over paint and some MDF.
A stripey ceiling and a dark teal accent wall seem pretty brazen to me, but I think if you're ballsy enough to do it, you could pull it off. Also, I love the Alexander Calder-like mobile over the crib.
I like anything that lets me look cute while feeling lazy.
Take away the Buddy Holly hipster glasses, and I'm all over this look.
A sparkly tank and bright cardy to dress up some jeans? This right here is my jam. And easy way to be comfy and not look like a bum. (Or in my soon-to-be case, to not look like you got 3 hours of sleep and can't find any clothes without spit-up on them.)

Sigh. I can only imagine what sort of zombie-fied look I'll be sporting in the first weeks after this baby arrives! If you get really morbidly curious, I may be tempted to share the horror after a while.

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