Friday, July 29, 2011

More Baby Appointments

Just went down the street today to take my GTT: glucose tolerance test. This particular form of mild torture involves no food for about 12 hours (good thing most of those were spent asleep!) followed at the end by drinking a revolting lumpy mixture of lemon-flavoured glucose powder "dissolved" in water. The air quotes were totally necessary, as Seb and I probably spent a combined 10 minutes just trying to crush and stir all the lumps out of this disgusting cocktail. Oh, and there's a huge glass-full of the stuff as well, so it's not really possible to down it all in one chug. Even if it were, you're technically not allowed to treat it like shotgunning a beer because you're supposed to take 5 minutes to get down to the dregs.

If anything I've had to do for this baby was designed to make me want to vomit, the GTT was it. Even though nothing else besides water was allowed for the duration of the test, that glass full of evil I had to drink left my stomach feeling uncomfortably full and decidedly unhappy with me. Of course, Piggly Wiggly's latest instalment of the Baby Dance Party wasn't helping my stomach to settle much in the first place.

Then, it was just down the street to the children's centre/community midwives clinic to fill out some paperwork and have some blood drawn. The whole process of my visit took a sum total of 15 minutes. Not that I'm a fan of unnecessary waiting around, but I would have liked the whole thing to feel a bit more substantial after spending more time than that just getting the glucose solution mixed and swallowed.

Ah well, at least this means that the countdown is ready to begin as we round the corner into my 28th week of pregnancy. Now it'll be a flurry of midwife appointments, antenatal classes, and Braxton-Hicks contractions until the bebe is ready to make his or her appearance in the world. Of course, if Baby could wait...oh, say 7 weeks, until Austin's wedding and my driving test have passed, then I'd be thoroughly pleased. After those two hurdles are over, my obstinate offspring is free to do as it pleases...well, excepting the possibility of being born in November. Mama just ain't gonna have that nonsense. ;)

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