Friday, July 8, 2011

Kicking Along + Friday Pinterest Round-up

So another week has come and gone. I really haven't made any more nursery progress besides clearing out the junk. That involved a better organizational plan for the hall closet...which is still in progress. How difficult is it really to be organized? Very difficult, apparently, because I still haven't figured out the best way to arrange that freaking closet. Seb nearly had a fit this morning trying to get his wet-weather cycling gear out without knocking over the box full of his bike toolz...and yeah: that's totally how we spelled it when we labelled the box. We know we're nerds: we embrace it.

In other news, those fabric samples from Fabric Box came.

...and the other one...

I'm not sure yet what I want to do about both of them, but I'm thinking - since I already have curtains and don't really fancy trying to make them without El Sewing Machine - that I'll get enough of this and one or two other fabrics and make fabric boxes.

I've been thinking about nursery things a lot lately - pricing stuff up and guestimating floor space and the like. The conclusion I've drawn is that if we intend to fit two kids in this room eventually (which we do, for the record), we don't really have room for a dresser and a crib and a bed. So, my genius idea has been to really utilize the storage space available on the two sets of Billy shelves we have from Ikea. If I buy wicker baskets, or make custom-sized fabric baskets for all the subsequent clothes and diapers we'll acquire, it will...
ping! Save money on a big dresser
ping! Save me the cost of moving it or the hassle of freecycling/craigslisting it when we're ready to go
ping! Save space in the tiny room we have for the few chirrens we'd like to have in the next few years.

Yeah...I imagined this lovely fairy-like sound effect for each of my bullet points, like on a TV show.

So as much as I said I don't want to tackle sewing projects without El Sewing Machine, I think this is something I could hijack borrow my mother-in-law's sewing machine for. A short-term, easy project that has a definite purpose: saving my cheap self some monies!

And so, with DIY planning on the brain (along with a few other keep-me-busy project ideas on the back burners), I'll round off the post with a short compilation of the cutest things I found on Teh Interwebz this week. Because, really, who doesn't feel better after looking at pretty things? (People with no souls, maybe...)

I'm in love with the contrast of the really clean white counters
and the rustic-looking rough stone walls. Plus, the deep tall
aspect ratio of the windows reminds me of the chalet we 
stayed in on our honeymoon in the Alps!
I would paint a floor like this as a fun sunroom/playroom when we get 
our own house. I think I'd have a ridiculous amount of fun doing a project
like this one.
Jonathan Adler lamp. I like the fun bright orange color of the base,
and the funky 60s feel of the shape. Not that I could ever afford anything
from Jonathan Adler, but a girl can dream...
This is from an online store I found called EmmersonMade. I'm not
going to lie: it's pretty stinking expensive. But, that said, it's the sort
of thing I'd have no problem treating myself to if I get the baby weight
off in a suitably impressive amount of time.
These are just too cool. I like that the shape doesn't have to be
spectacular or eye-catching - the gold plating takes care of that
all on its own.
One of many very cute rugs from this place called
Rug Couture in London.

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