Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Idle Speculation

Now that I have an Etsy account (originally for the sole purpose of buying myself and the baby cute things I was too lazy to make), I've been toying with the idea of actually using it. Shocking, right? But the question is: what am I actually talented enough to be able to make at home while watching/feeding/changing/exercising with/taking stupidly cute photos of a tiny human? Answer? Cards. As I mentioned before, we're already some serious card-making fiends in this house. But the even bigger question is: who would actually buy my cards? (Thus making the whole exercise something worthwhile and not purely academic.) Answer? You tell me!

My first ideas revolved around things like Thank You cards, Happy Birthday cards, and generic insert-your-cleverer-message-here cards that can be used for just about anything. These I could easily design and print from our computer at home and assemble at the kitchen table...just like I did with our wedding invites. Except those I had printed for me at Mailboxes Etc. since the volume of stuff to get printed meant it was cheaper to make someone else do it. :)

 a fun preppy pink-and-navy stripe for birthdays.

a yellow-and-blue stripe for a slightly more boy-friendly look.

some super-tasty chocolate cake with a fun gingham background.
If I actually made this, the cake would stand out from the background
...sort of like being 3D...but not quite.

This last one (which I made ages ago) could be made much less busy,
and then would be perfect as a blank but customizable card
for pretty much most occasions.

The other idea I had was something I'd found on Teh Interwebz and posted to by Pinterest boards. The above is a cute card decorated with fabric scraps. Of course, they needn't just be in layers; you could make cute shapes as well, or simple pictures. Then, just line the inside of the card with some easy-to-write-on cardstock and blam! You have yourself an awesome one-of-a-kind card; useful for Thank Yous, Get Well Soons, How Are Yous, and Happy (fill in your holiday/celebration here).

Personally, I think it's a fun idea, and the sort of thing that would keep me occupied in the hours not entirely consumed by my baby. And, it means a bit of extra money in the bank...which is never a bad thing. Unless you live in the UK and death is imminent, in which case: get rid of that money pronto before the inheritance tax stings you and steals half of your loot for the government. (I feel like I should address you as "Comrade" at the end of that sentence. Good thing I'm not actually frightened by the Communists hiding under my bed, waiting to take my stuff and redistribute it to the rest of the collective of political boogey-men hiding in the closet. Maybe these are the same gremlins who make socks disappear from the wash...)

So, I'd need to do the math and work it all out, but perhaps going pro with my card-making skillz (rather than sitting at JV or Varsity level like I am now) could be the ticket to an interesting project and some financial fulfilment at-home. Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments? Skeptically-raised eyebrows? Imploring requests for personalized stationary? Let's hear all of it.

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