Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Random Note

Yes, stating this officially makes me ridiculous.

I promise: I do use commas. They just don't show up in the font I have on the blog right now. Why do I care enough to tell you this? Because despite years of atrocious spelling (and my spell-check is still a crutch), I became a grammar Nazi. (There was a comma in there...I swear.) So (big fat comma) since it bothers me to read my posts without all the punctuation I tend to use (BFC again!) I figure someone else is just as big of a freak as I am. After all...the only people reading this are my friends. At least...until I'm bizarrely famous for no good reason. Then tons of people who don't know me will read my blog...and judge my font's lack of proper comma insertion. Perhaps this calls for a new font...


  1. Things like this make me love you even more

  2. I'm glad I can do something to deepen our abiding love of each other. I feel like we should have you over at our house every time we watch Modern Family!