Friday, June 3, 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

Well, the end of the week is here and with it the end of my time at Jane Austen's House Museum. I admit, while I'm looking forward to having the time to spend at home on unpacking and decorating projects and the like, it was a bit sad to leave. The work itself - my main project of archiving - had gotten a bit tedious, but I did like the girls I worked with. The three of them are all quite fun.

It was the right thing to do, though. With the move this week coming up and all the attendant work during and after it, it was the most convenient time to wrap things up with this job. Besides, my project was of the sort that I could easily leave it set up for the next person to work on at nearly any point.

Besides, now I have boxes to fill, laundry to do, furniture to assemble and break down, and an apartment to clean! My metaphorical plate is full. And of course, I'm keeping it full by taking the biggest advantage of this whole manic nesting phase I have going on at the moment. Aside from the new apartment as a whole, this is mostly directed at the nursery.
How cute is that print? It's from one of the only Etsy shops I've bothered to get interested in (thanks, V). It's called SugarFresh and has all sorts of cute prints for children. This one, Mr. Numbers, is something I've been coveting for quite a while. Along with its customizeable counterpart...
The alphabet soup print is adorable...I just need to figure out how to match it to the image in my head (and in the developing mood board in Picasa) of what the nursery's colour scheme will be. So far, I've pulled the following colours from my one piece of DIY art for the baby's room:
Okay, so the Ocean colour isn't in the card print I have, but I'm a sucker for anything in the teal/cerulean/blue-green family of colours. Just remember my wedding colours...
The question is what combination of the above colours I should get in the print of Alphabet Soup. Because if I use my current picture as a springboard, I can get colours for the walls, curtains, bedding, and any other decorative odds and ends I cobble together. Like this cute mobile idea from new-super-favourite-DIY-blog-gods, YoungHouseLove:
...though I admit I like the idea of tiny bees or baby ducks or paper cranes just as much as hydrangeas. Sadly, the hydrangeas rest on the assumption that I have a frilly pink baby girl growing inside me right now, and until I know that, no wiry hydrangea balls for me.

So does anyone have any brilliant ideas? Whether it's what colours I should make my next piece of baby-centric art or suggestions on fun, potentially gender-neutral mobiles I can craft up in my spare time, I'd love to hear it. Seriously! (I say potentially gender-neutral, because I'm having doubts about whether or not I can hold out at our ultrasound next week and not ask what Piggly Wiggly's sex is.)

Until Monday, then (unless I'm seized by a genius idea for a post between now and then), when I post pictures of the new apartment! Get ready for all kinds of crafty home decor up in this piece. Word. ;-)

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