Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rejoice and Be Merry

That's right, John Rutter, it may not be Christmas, but I'm feeling like a little merry rejoicing. The husband has reinstalled WindowsXP on my laptop, which means that all the superfluous and useless programmes left on it from my time at Wake Forest are now gone, essentially giving what was otherwise a slowly decaying pile of junk a new lease on life.

It can reboot without the worry that it'll crash on start-up! It has free space on the hard drive! It's fast! Suddenly, I don't mind that it's not as good of a computer as the T-series I got as a freshman. Maybe that's because only now does it work as it ought to.

Now, I just have to win the stupid fight with getting my music off my iPod and back onto my computer. This is one of the many times I curse Steve Jobs and the crap job he's done at making my iPod a useful piece of tech.

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