Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Easter Tradition

As his contribution to his mother's insistence that we cultivate new family traditions, my husband suggested that we play beer pong. Funnily enough, this suggestion did not go down as expected: everyone - even the husband's parents - really got behind the idea. So what did we do last night after going punting on the Cherwell and sitting out in the uncharacteristically blistering English sun? Played our first annual family beer pong tournament.

To be fair, it wasn't with beer...we played with copious quantities of cheap soda, but Soda Pong just doesn't have the same ring to it as Beer Pong does.

What was the saddest part of this whole endeavour? My dreams of beer pong champion status were my husband's mom and dad! His dad was actually disturbingly good at the game. Clearly, this is the guy you want with you to challenge the table at a frat party. A good sport and deadly accurate.

Never, even through my years at WF, have I had such a frat-tastic holiday. Long live family beer pong!

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