Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh Baby, My Baby

Yup, we've heard that right: I'm growing a tiny human inside my uterus. Crazy thought! Not as crazy as the fact that it makes me tired all the time and various degrees of sick all the time. Vicious. It becomes a self-perpetuating cycle where I feel sick so I don't want to eat, but not eating makes the sick feeling worse, which means everything sounds evil, so I don't want to eat, and the sneaky hate spiral of morning sickness continues.

The piggly wiggly and I aren't very far along at the moment: only about 5 1/2 weeks...at least, that's my estimate. And yes, it is called the piggly wiggly. Despite the fact that it's the name of a chain of grocery stores in the South, when I told Sebastian he decided it was the perfect name for our little fetus while it grows inside of me.

Of course the tired and the sick means that work today, a job interview in Portsmouth tomorrow, and more work on Thursday are going to be interesting (read: painfully protracted and agonizingly slow). Ah well; help is there if I need it, and that's what counts. The only other thing that is agonizingly slow is the way time is elapsing until my first appointment with the midwife at the end of March. The weeks sure could stand to speed up a bit so that I can come out from under the worst of the morning sickness and get to hear from a medical professional that our little blueberry is growing well and looks perfect and beautiful in the way that only an indistinct ball of human cells in a uterus can do. Grow, Baby, grow!

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