Friday, February 4, 2011

For the Love of All That is Decent...

I can't, I seriously can't leave this alone. Okay, for the sake of the points I'm about to make: I could leave it alone if I wanted to, but I'm choosing to engage.

The easiest way to deal with this is in a list:
  1. Are we supposed to be able to read those Bible verses in the beginning? Let's try learning to focus the camera before we shoot the bad music video.
  2. So this relationship is a barter system? He gives her church attendance and she gets naked? Charming. Really, as Neanderthal as this is, it's pathetic at the same time.
  3. Can we please pretty please, for the last time stop pretending that no man on earth can keep it in his pants!?!
  4. Can we also stop pretending that women don't have sexual drives of their own? Dear Little Miss Purity Ring: it's not a temptation if you don't want it, too.
  5. The singing is atrocious. That offends me almost as much as the blatant sexism.
  6. Your virginity is not an object! The next person I hear talking about giving "it" away, is getting a smack. Being a virgin is either something you are or you aren't. And for the record, you can technically remain a virgin and still be unchaste. Likewise, if you aren't a virgin, it doesn't automatically make you slut-tastic. It's all about the attitude and perspective you bring to it.
  7. You are not a piece of gum to remain pristine and untouched in the foil wrapper until marriage. If you have sex before marriage, you are not a chewed-up piece of gum that no one else will want.
  8. The decision to practise abstinence until marriage and complete fidelity afterwards has to be a personal decision. Make it for the right reasons: because it's compatible with your moral code, because whatever you believe God says on the subject, it's something you want to do, or see the value in as it applies to your own life. Don't do it because people tell you to, and don't not do it because people tell you to. Hear both sides of the argument, ponder it, decide what you believe, and then live that way.
  9. Stop demonizing sex. It's just stupid.
So as much as I personally agree with the decision not to have sex before marriage, this message was appalling. She's either doing what God says, because otherwise He'll be disappointed in her and start a guilt trip of Eternal proportions, or she's doing what her boyfriends says, because otherwise he'll throw a fit and break up with her. How about: God says you shouldn't. Boyfriend says you owe it to him. Slap boyfriend for suggesting you're a whore who trades sex for favours. Think about what God said. If He did say it, is He important enough to you to do what he says? If so, decide on your own that what He says is what you want for your life. He gave you a brain and the ability to make your own decisions for a reason.

In the end, I believe that God does say that sex is great and wonderful and amazing and can make cute babies. But I also believe that He says that you're only supposed to share it when you're married. As for which myriad reasons of His back up this statement, I don't claim to know them all, but I never suffered any detriment to my life by taking it on faith.

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